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13 de julho de 2021


 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Taking care of your teeth is not only important for your oral health, as fighting bad breath, tooth decay or even more serious cases such as periodontal disease. The mouth can be the gateway to various infections that affect other areas of the body, such as viruses and bacteria. Thus, a healthy mouth helps balance the health of the entire body, preventing more complex diseases.

The mouth can be the gateway to various infections that affect other areas of the body, such as viruses and bacteria. Thus, a healthy mouth helps balance the health of the entire body, preventing more complex diseases.

Caries is one of the most common diseases caused by poor oral hygiene. When we eat, food scraps get on our teeth. If not removed by brushing and flossing, these foods produce acids that corrode tooth enamel, allowing cavities to develop.

dental floss is a powerful ally to remove food debris that may have remained between the teeth and have not come out after brushing. Use whatever is most comfortable for you, and take some time to finish your oral hygiene with the floss.

Dental wax is a soft, harmless gum protector for children and adults who wear braces, which can be used in an emergency to cover the protruding braces and strands with a smooth surface.

Mouthguards are devices that serve to protect the mouth from is called a dental shield, bite plate or dental night protector.

The toothbrush is a very important item for oral hygiene. Combined with toothpaste and floss, it is responsible for cleaning and protecting teeth. However, your action may no longer be as satisfying. With this in mind, other models were developed for indicated cases. The interdental brush is a small brush made to clean plaque, food debris and bacteria that accumulate between teeth, as well as floss, preventing gum inflammation and cavities

Tooth whitening pen is a kind of plastic tube that houses a whitening gel. It is small enough to carry wherever you want.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that corrects the position of improperly positioned teeth and maxillary bones. Crooked teeth or teeth that don't fit properly are difficult to keep clean and can be lost early due to deterioration and periodontal disease.

6 de julho de 2021

The Incredible Gothic Literature: Its Origin, Development, and Unique Style

 The Incredible Gothic Literature: Its Origin, Development, and Unique Style

We all have heard about incredibly mysterious gothic literature. It's alternatively termed as gothic horror or gothic fiction. This genre of literature has an absolutely unique style that has segregated it from the rest. It features the perfect combination of horror, fantasy, and romance (at times). Overall, the theme of gothic literature depicts an atmosphere full of mystery, exoticism, fear, and thrill. Especially, the story of any gothic novel revolves around a frightening, dreadful, and threatening character. The character is also dressed up in such a way so that it can represent the theme of darkness and evil. For example, gothic style and its corresponding characters tend to wear a black-colored dress which symbolizes something spooky, eerie, ghostly, and frightful.

In the above sections, you have revealed the key elements of the gothic culture. Let's now talk about its origin. So, where does this gothic literature come from? Well, the origin of the gothic literature dates back to 1764-1765. It has been more than two hundred years since gothic literature has been introduced.

The first official occurrence happened in 1765 with Horace Walpole's incredible story -- "The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story". Horace Walpole used the word ("gothic") to depict something uncommon and barbarous. Of course, he put some supernatural elements in his story, and this led to the formal introduction of a whole new genre in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Many writers in the 1800s and 1900s used this gothic fiction genre to explore supernatural and spooky elements to their articles. Especially, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a classic example of the gothic theme.

Gothic fiction and gothic theme: Gothic theme believes in the extreme expression of self-destruction, personal torment, supernatural feelings, sheer terror, puzzling mysteries, and a solid sense of fear.

Note, "Gothic" word is derived from "goth". Goth represents a one-of-a-kind culture of dark dress, music, and attitude that can be both shocking and disturbing to others.

Gothic clothing and gothic style: The gothic characters are indeed a major element of the supernatural gothic theme. These characters symbolize the theme very well with their unique dressing style and attitude. Here's a classic example of a gothic Victorian dress. This dress is aimed to bring an eerie, uncanny, and spooky feeling with its dark black outfit.

Needless to say, gothic clothing or gothic fashion is closely associated with the conspicuously dark and mysterious features of a classic gothic theme. Gothic fashion is represented by its unique elements of mystery, darkness, and elegance. Apart from pure dark black color clothing, typical Gothic fashion even showcases the use of black fingernails, dyed black hair, and dark eyeliner. Although gothic fashion has a special aim and purpose (related to gothic fiction), it has evolved a lot over time. In fact, gothic fashion has now turned into an inspiration for others as well. Gothic style is now considered to be a great addition in the world of fashion. When dressed properly, this style can help you create an extraordinary, fabulous, enviable, and stunning look.

To summarize, the gothic fashion style features the use of either black or crimson clothes, cloaks or studs, old-style high shoes, ankle boots, bustiers, and corsets. Tattoos, piercings, and the use of eye-catching, unique accessories are also quite common among gothic characters.

The Evolvement of the Gothic Theme

Gothic literature used to employ the theme of dark, spooky, and picturesque scenery in the earlier days. Well, the theme has now evolved a lot, but it still depicts the evils of man, an uncanny and strange atmosphere, and a deep sense of fear. Examples of modern-day gothic fiction are zombie stories, Stephen King novels, and detective stories, etc.

Gothic Literature and Dracula

One of the leading figures in Gothic literature is the use of Dracula. Dracula (the son of the dragon) is a devil, blood-thirsty creature. The character was first introduced in a famous gothic novel (Bram Stoker's Dracula) in 1897. Speaking of the storyline, the Dracula aimed to find the source of new, warm blood and spread the undead curse.

Bram Stocker's novel is full of typical gothic elements like suspense, mystery, fear, and gloom. In addition to it, its unique center character (i.e. Dracula) has made the theme even more spooky, dreadful, and frightening.

The overall image of Dracula is both alluring yet disturbing. The Dracula allures and adversely charms you with his unique misdeeds. At the same time, he seems to present a sense of sheer terror, frightful, and disturbing theme.

Dracula and Vampire

After the first introduction of Dracula in Bram Stoker's story, this blood-sucking folklore creature has appeared in countless stories, especially the vampire stories. These vampires have an oversensitivity to natural sunlight, and they can be mostly seen in nights who will roam around, bite innocent humans, and suck their blood.

Of course, Dracula and vampires have many similarities in their attitudes and natures. Even more, clothing and styling are also quite similar. Here's an example of Dracula-like and vampire-like apparel.

As you can see, there is a common factor in these attires. First of all, they are all in black color which represents the core theme of the vampire and Draculas. Secondly, their dressing style and design are extremely unique, and this styling can't be easily seen in other apparel categories. If you are interested in this Dracula-like gothic clothing style, then here are some recommendations for you to check right away.

The Final Takeaway

With this, you have revealed all the key elements of gothic fiction, clothing, and style. Gothic style has now been a popular dressing option for many fashion enthusiasts. The obvious elements of Gothic style include the use of black, eerie dresses.

Among them, Dracula's image icon is a classic representation of the Gothic style. He is one of the most popular, interesting, and leading figures of gothic clothing, gothic theme, and gothic atmosphere. Dracula's misdeeds along with his unique dressing are ready to land you in an uncanny, ghastly, mysterious, and typical gothic atmosphere for sure.

14 de junho de 2021

Sofá & Mesa de Centro de Luxo - Atelier Clássico

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Hoje trago dica de decoração...

A sala é um espaço de convivência e de descanso e por isso o sofá é o item mais importante. 

Para uma decoração contemporânea um dos modelos de sofá moderno mais usado é o sofá com cores escura.

    Já para uma sala clássica e sofisticada invista no sofá branco ou no sofá azul marinho, porém se o objetivo é levar alegria e descontração ao ambiente, as cores de sofá coloridos são opções bem interessantes.

A mesa de centro deixa a sala mais bonita e também mais funcional.

mesinha de centro da sala vem sendo muito utilizada na decoração. Ela serve tanto para delimitar o espaço da sala quanto para apoiar os objetos.

Sófa e Mesa de Centro de luxo e com qualidade vocês encontram na loja online Atelier Clássico.

24 de maio de 2021

Yolissa Hair

 Why There Are Color Difference From The Picture For Colored Wig?

  Various colored hair wigs are characteristics of Yolissa Hair. As the main product, Yolissa Hair is also proud of these special products. Each year Yolissa Hair will try to introduce some new colored wigs and the products have remained consistently popular in the wig market. Today’s article is going to talk about colored wigs. For more information, please kindly read on.

1. Why The Color You Received Is Different From The Picture For Colored Wig?

  Sometimes, some customers will find that the hair color of the colored wig they received is different from the picture on the internet or in a video. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. There is also a mention of the chromatism problem on the site. About color difference: all items are for real shooting. But for technology, display, light, environmental reasons may be a slight deviation phenomenon, please in kind prevail.

1) Dyeing Processes

Because all colored hair products are handmade, different production batch or even different colored wig varies slightly. The hair color of the colored wig you received maybe a little different from the images shown on the site.

2) Shooting Angles

  Girls who are famous on social media always use some filter effects, additional polishing, and photographing angles, etc to get perfect pictures or videos. Besides, due to different monitors display difference, really making a subtle color map and real error is normal. Pictures on the site for reference only, because printing caused chromatic difference from the objects. 

3) Customer Requirements

  Sometimes we also will adjust the color of hair wigs based on client feedbacks or specific needs. Different batches may have different colors. In fact, no matter buying colored hair wigs, colored clothes, or other colored products all will meet color difference problems. If you really mind, we suggest you can buy a natural black hair wig or consult the customer service staff in advance.  

2. Hot-Selling Colored Hair Wigs Recommendations

  Spring and summer are both good seasons that are suitable for wearing a colored wig. It can help people look young and energetic. Next, please kindly check the below recommendations of hot-selling colored hair wigs in Yolissa Hair.

1) #27 Honey Blonde Wigs

  Firstly, we will recommend one of the top-selling colored hair wigs: #27 honey blonde wigs. In the product page, you can choose #27 honey blonde or 1b/27 with dark roots. Many people are addict to this special hair color. It is not as shiny and bright as 613 blonde. It is a warm and comfortable color that can make a woman look mature and gentle. Note: the #27 honey blonde you received may be a little deeper than the pictures online. Please consult with the real products. We will make it a little lighter over time.


2) 99J Burgundy Wigs

  This 99J Burgundy hair color is certainly no stranger to most people. It is charming hair color. The color of 99J Burgundy is like red wine. As a kind of dark hair color, 99J Burgundy makes people have a more casual and social look. Burgundy is popular this season, adding a pop of color to the usual daily life.


3) Highlight Wigs

  Compared to the above pure hair colors. The Highlight color is a mix-color, one color mixes with the other lighter color. There are different layers of colors on a wig, #019 color like the following picture shows is the best selling highlight wig. Some people prefer this fancy effect. And you also can be one of the unique and special beauties in the crowd.


Media Contact:

Phone: +8615803834514

Service Email: [email protected] 

Media Email: [email protected] 


12 de março de 2021

FeelinGirl - Cintas

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

Taking care of health is an attitude that must be taken, daily, to avoid diseases and, of course, to maintain a more balanced life.

Among the cares and habits that are essential to take good care of your body and soul are regular physical exercises.

As technology progressed, many areas have achieved products that deliver truly incredible results.

Modelers can be used during any type of activity such as walking, cycling, relaxing at home or even doing work in the yard.Waist and thigh trainer, butt compression, hips and lower belly is designed to burn excess fat in the lower belly, lifting the butt and improving the hip area at the same time.

Quick and easy to put on and take off. In addition profile can be worn under or over clothes as needed. Use your fitness kit when cycling, running, using the elliptical in the sauna, rowing, training and more exercise.

The female waist shaper allows you to sweat more and speed up fat burning when you use it for training. At the same time, the material of the polyester fabric is more durable and elastic.tummy control underwear, with these shaping braces, which will leave your waist, abdomen, the way you always wanted.

Perfect for women who lose weight every day, it can be worn under clothes and dresses.Perfect for women who lose weight every day, it can be worn under clothes and dresses. Various styles for people who want to lose belly, thin fat.

Its initial purpose, seen from the first use, is the disguise of abdominal measurements, that is, from the moment you start using it, through the compression it does on your body, you can already notice the slimmer waist.

Buy without leaving home, and check out the best straps at a very affordable price FeelinGirl Review 

The vast majority of people who seek to know how the modeling belt works look for a gain in aesthetics, but as we can see, the gains go much further.

Helping body posture brings incalculable gains to the human body. This fact is so relevant that it is not uncommon to see in the gym people using the strap to assist in bodybuilding exercises.

11 de março de 2021

Sazón Pipoca - Recebidos

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Hoje trago Recebidos, chegou novidades... 

✅Fui selecionada para testar o Kit Sazón Pipoca 🍿

📍Recebi Sabores Manteiga, Churrasco e Cebola Salsa, vou testar todos eles e em breve tem resenha!!!!


10 de março de 2021

Gsg online - Luvas Masculinas

Olá PinkBelezetes!!! 

Today I bring more store tips...

If, at any time, you are in a very cold place, do not think twice and wear gloves.Choose the model and material that most appeal to you

With a cuff that guarantees total protection, a strap with a button as a detail and a lining, this glove draws attention because it is made of genuine leather and has an affordable price. It can be found in two colors: black or brown.

In men's fashion we have two types of gloves, the traditional one made of wool also called the knitting glove and the leather one. Both can be used in social or casual style, be it bikers, for the gym and especially for everyday life. You don't have to wait for winter, just get a little cold.

In winter, a good coat or warm knit is essential, but accessories should not be left aside at this time and within this category there is a type of product that is very popular with men, which are leather gloves for men to drive, men's leather driving gloves. 

The advantage of gloves is the neutral colors that most of them have, usually black or brown. This makes it easier to match the clothes. If composed close to the hat, try to keep both the same color.

Although the leather glove for men is synonymous with elegance, the Brazilian winter is not so rigorous as to make you wear it. Usually these models look better on bikers, those who do weight training or those who adopt a rock look.

There is a fashion abroad that is to use gloves in one hand, I don’t know what the purpose of this is, but it looks nice in the costume.

Choose this winter's glove at the gsg gloves online store, a selection of very stylish gloves for men, with a wide variety of styles, including leather gloves !!!

4 de março de 2021

Gsg online - Luvas

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

Black gloves are the most used as it matches any loook.

It is not new that fashion loves to rescue trends from decades, mens leather gloves are the new trend.

In basic colors like black or brown, they match all styles and types of clothing.

ladies driving gloves In order not to miss the look with gloves, create a mix of textures. For example, if the coat is made of wool, the glove should ideally be made of leather.

Gloves made of leather, material of high resistance and durability you find in the Gsg online store. 

25 de janeiro de 2021

Lightinthebox - Cinta Modeladora

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Hoje trago resenha e dica de loja... 

 Today I bring a review and store tip...

Cinta Modeladora 

Modeling Strap

Chegou essa excelente cinta modeladora da nossa parceira Lightinthebox, não demorou muito por ser loja internacional, com 2 meses chegou.

This excellent modeling strap arrived from our partner Lightinthebox, it didn't take long to be an international store, with 2 months arrived.

Excelente material, escolhi o tamanho xxl 

Excellent material, I chose size XXL

Cinto de emagrecimento feminino

Aumente a sua silhueta com este cinto de alisamento da cintura, o núcleo em neoprene auxilia na perda de peso e na modelagem e da cintura.

Increase your silhouette with this waist straightening belt, the neoprene core helps you lose weight and shape and waist.

Mantém um ajuste justo em volta para obter um efeito de firmeza enquanto você perde peso. Te ajudar a fazer seu treino de forma mais eficiente.

Maintains a tight fit around for a firm effect while you lose weight. Help you do your training more efficiently.



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19 de janeiro de 2021

Holapick - Roupa Feminina

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Today I bring more store tips...

Women's clothing for all styles you can find in the online store Holapick.

Women's jackets are consecrated pieces in the women's wardrobe.

Always in fashion and classic, the casual jackets for women can totally transform your look.

From classic to casual, sporting or rocker: whatever your style, you will surely find a model that suits you.

These trendy cardigans fashion pieces not only protect you in the coldest seasons, they can also be perfect combinations.

6 de janeiro de 2021

Ninacloak - Roupa Feminina

  Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Hoje trago mais dica de loja...

Today I bring more store tips...

Compre os mais variados estilos de roupa feminina na loja online Ninacloak.

 Buy the most varied styles of women's clothing in the Ninacloak online store.

Com as blusas da moda abuse de estampas e tecidos leves e deixe seu visual antenado com as peças-chave da estação!

  Trendy sweaters abuse prints and light fabrics and make your look tuned with the key pieces of the season!

Blusa de renda de manga longa. O modelo pode ser uma ótima aposta para usar no trabalho, reuniões mais sérias ou eventos formais.

Long sleeve lace blouse. The model can be a great bet to use at work, more serious meetings or formal events.

Encontre os melhores modelos de top online. 

Find the best  models top online.