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24 de maio de 2021

Yolissa Hair

 Why There Are Color Difference From The Picture For Colored Wig?

  Various colored hair wigs are characteristics of Yolissa Hair. As the main product, Yolissa Hair is also proud of these special products. Each year Yolissa Hair will try to introduce some new colored wigs and the products have remained consistently popular in the wig market. Today’s article is going to talk about colored wigs. For more information, please kindly read on.

1. Why The Color You Received Is Different From The Picture For Colored Wig?

  Sometimes, some customers will find that the hair color of the colored wig they received is different from the picture on the internet or in a video. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. There is also a mention of the chromatism problem on the site. About color difference: all items are for real shooting. But for technology, display, light, environmental reasons may be a slight deviation phenomenon, please in kind prevail.

1) Dyeing Processes

Because all colored hair products are handmade, different production batch or even different colored wig varies slightly. The hair color of the colored wig you received maybe a little different from the images shown on the site.

2) Shooting Angles

  Girls who are famous on social media always use some filter effects, additional polishing, and photographing angles, etc to get perfect pictures or videos. Besides, due to different monitors display difference, really making a subtle color map and real error is normal. Pictures on the site for reference only, because printing caused chromatic difference from the objects. 

3) Customer Requirements

  Sometimes we also will adjust the color of hair wigs based on client feedbacks or specific needs. Different batches may have different colors. In fact, no matter buying colored hair wigs, colored clothes, or other colored products all will meet color difference problems. If you really mind, we suggest you can buy a natural black hair wig or consult the customer service staff in advance.  

2. Hot-Selling Colored Hair Wigs Recommendations

  Spring and summer are both good seasons that are suitable for wearing a colored wig. It can help people look young and energetic. Next, please kindly check the below recommendations of hot-selling colored hair wigs in Yolissa Hair.

1) #27 Honey Blonde Wigs

  Firstly, we will recommend one of the top-selling colored hair wigs: #27 honey blonde wigs. In the product page, you can choose #27 honey blonde or 1b/27 with dark roots. Many people are addict to this special hair color. It is not as shiny and bright as 613 blonde. It is a warm and comfortable color that can make a woman look mature and gentle. Note: the #27 honey blonde you received may be a little deeper than the pictures online. Please consult with the real products. We will make it a little lighter over time.


2) 99J Burgundy Wigs

  This 99J Burgundy hair color is certainly no stranger to most people. It is charming hair color. The color of 99J Burgundy is like red wine. As a kind of dark hair color, 99J Burgundy makes people have a more casual and social look. Burgundy is popular this season, adding a pop of color to the usual daily life.


3) Highlight Wigs

  Compared to the above pure hair colors. The Highlight color is a mix-color, one color mixes with the other lighter color. There are different layers of colors on a wig, #019 color like the following picture shows is the best selling highlight wig. Some people prefer this fancy effect. And you also can be one of the unique and special beauties in the crowd.


Media Contact:

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Service Email: [email protected] 

Media Email: [email protected] 


27 de outubro de 2020

Nadula - Perucas

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Hoje trago mais dica de loja...

Today I bring more store tips...

Meia perucamais um acessório que promete fazer sucesso entre as mulheres.

Half wigs, another accessory that promises to be successful among women.

As perucas não era mais um acessório para esconder a calvície e sim um hábito elegante entre as mulheres.

Wigs were no longer an accessory to hide baldness, but an elegant habit among women.

A escolha da perucas frontais de renda também deve ser avaliada conforme o formato do seu rosto, para que fique equilibrado e bonito.

 The choice of lace front wigs should also be evaluated according to the shape of your face, so that it is balanced and beautiful.

Além da forma do rosto, o tom de pele também é muito importante na hora de escolher a cor da sua peruca.

In addition to the shape of the face, skin tone is also very important when choosing the color of your wig.

Encontre Peruca parte U com as melhores ofertas e promoções na loja Nadula, com preço baixo e entrega rápida.

Find U part wig  with the best offers and promotions in Nadula store, with low price and fast delivery.

24 de abril de 2018

TedHair Wholesale Wigs

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Hoje trago mais de dica de loja...
Today I bring more store tips...

Precisa de um novo visual? Está desempenhando um papel? Ou já está enjoada dos seus cabelos? 
Need a new look? Are you playing a part? Or are you sick of your hair already?

Então conheça a loja online Tedhair:
Then check out Tedhair's online store:

A TedHair é uma empresa de primeira linha, especializada em cabelos.Eles vendem produtos capilares de alta qualidade.
TedHair is a first-line company specialized in hair. They sell high quality hair products.

Ted Hair fornecer cabelo brasileiro virgem, cabelo peruano, cabelo da Malásia, cabelo indiano, fechos, cabelo remy colorido e muito mais. 

Ted Hair provide virgin brazilian hair, peruvian hair, malaysian hair, indian hair, locks, colorful remy hair and more.

A lace wig é uma peruca com cabelo natural que possui uma tela transparente, imitando a saída dos fios do couro cabeludo. Esse diferencial passa naturalidade e quase não é possível perceber que se está usando o acessório.

The lace wig is a wig with natural hair that features a transparent fabric, mimicking the output of the strands of the scalp. This differential happens naturally and it is almost impossible to see that the accessory is being used.

Perucas por atacado
Wholesale Wigs

Wholesale virgin hair
Cabelo brasileiro por atacado

Wholesale brazilian hair
Cabelo brasileiro por atacado

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23 de abril de 2018

BestHairBuy Wigs

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Hoje trago dica de loja...
Today I bring store tips ...

Dizem por aí que cabelo é a moldura do rosto. Imagina poder mudar sempre que quiser? Algumas famosas como a Beyoncé  são adeptas das laces wigs. 

They say that hair is the frame of the face. Imagine being able to change whenever you want? Some famous ones like the Beyoncé are adherents of the laces wigs.

Na loja online BestHairBuy as Lace Wigs são perucas, mas com uma característica especial que é possuir uma tela interna que simula o couro cabeludo onde os fios de cabelo são costurados um a um. 

O resultado disso é uma peruca com um efeito mais natural do que as tradicionais.

At the BestHairBuy online store the Lace Wigs are wigs but with a special feature it is owning an inner fabric that simulates the scalp where the hair strands are sewn one by one.

The result of this is a wig with a more natural effect than the traditional ones.

Lá em BestHair vocês compram perucas com ampla variedade de apliques naturais, alongamentos de cabelo, mega hair, perucas, cabelos naturais e cabelos sintético importados.

BestHairBuy wigs with wide variety of natural appliques, hair extensions, mega hair, wigs, natural hair and imported synthetic hair.

BestHair Comprar nave natural
BestHairBuy natural nave

BestHair Comprar encaracolado profundo 
BestHairBuy deep curly ↴

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