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18 de abril de 2023

Acemenswear - Roupa Online

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Check out today's tip...

Invest in exclusive men's suits and stand out for your good taste. Access the Acemenswear Online Store and enjoy special prices.

The most chic and cool is the navy blue suit, which is more elegant for working, going to a wedding or attending a job interview. As for shades of gray, each has its own specifics.

Blue, also called 'joker', is a versatile option for all occasions. The second suit that every man needs to have is gray.


Finally, the most classic of all, the black suit.

More classic men can opt for models in navy blue.

cheap prom suit for those with lighter skin, darker colors like black and navy combine very well. For those with a darker skin tone, suits that are lighter than their skin tone, such as blue or darker gray are great choices. 

But the ideal thing is for the groom to feel good about the chosen color

A perfect option for day and night appointments, the gray suit is considered neutral and, therefore, may be ideal for those who don't wear it often.

Just like the bride, it is important that the groom's wedding suit enhances his happiness and self-esteem.

Wine is a color that works very well with gray, the tie in this color brings a sophisticated look to the gray suit. It is also a color that refers to creativity and awareness. Colors such as red, pink, orange and yellow can bring liveliness to gray.

Atelier Clássico - Loja de Móveis

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Hoje trago dica de loja de Móveis...

 Atelier Clássico tem tudo para sua casa!!!

A loja tem várias seleção de móveis para decoração.

As peças são dividas por categorias: Cozinha, Sala de estar, Quarto e Sala de jantar...


As camas estilo capitonê é um clássico. Mas o que é mais importante, é que este estilo é extremamente charmoso, aconchegante e deixa qualquer móvel mais requintado e cheio de personalidade. Além é claro, de manter essas vantagens ao longo de décadas, por ser um clássico atemporal.

Confira as novidades na loja online  e boas compras:

15 de dezembro de 2022

Vestido de Casamento - Suzhoufashion

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In 2023, the trend is that both wedding styles will continue to happen! On the one hand, with the post-pandemic, we have the definitive return of large, more luxurious weddings with many guests.

The princess wedding dress is characterized by its flared skirt, reminiscent of classic period dresses worn by royalty. The more armed, that is, with more structures under the skirt, the more the model provides the feeling that the bride is really a princess.

Princess wedding dresses are models that never go out of style! They refer to fairy tales and royalty and are the dream of many brides.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses amazing models for all styles. The Classics, Civil, Church, Tail, Long, Short you can find in the online store.

Lace has always been and continues to be the favorite fabric among brides. The delicate, sophisticated and romantic look guarantees the absolute success of the protagonist of the day.

Lace summer wedding dresses can be worked in various types of patterns, and in all models for the wedding.

More modern brides, who wish, above all, to have an authentic and less conventional look, can opt for models of lace wedding dresses that flee from tradition with more geometric and deconstructed shapes and, in contrast to the less voluminous and extravagant cuts , can present lace in original weaves and larger and differentiated patterns.

20 de maio de 2022

Vestidos Azazei

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Hoje trago dica de loja...

Today I bring store tip...

Need to go to a dance and don't know what to wear? Stay tuned in this post and check out beautiful and stunning dresses for you to rock.

How to dress to go to a dance?

For garments, more specifically dresses, they can also be short or long. In the case of short dresses, avoid models that are too high above the knee. Betting on glitter is a great way to bring more elegance to the look. However, if in doubt, choose the long option and there will be no errors.

The black dress is perfect to combine with necklaces, laces, chokers and chains. The important thing before using these accessories is to pay attention to the neckline of the little black dress.A great idea is the smaller handbags that help a lot to compose looks for amazing parties and that give a much more elegant look to your basic black dress. Do not hesitate to use bags with a lot of shine and of different shapes and materials such as varnish. The glitter of the bag can enchant any look.

The “pretinho basic” is the key piece for the wardrobe of many women. The long black dress is also on the list and is the right bet to make the feminine look even more elegant.

The one indicated for the prom, usually, is the long prom dresses. And there are many options of colors, styles and trends for a memorable look. Tulle, slits, super detailed dress, glitter, gemstones.

Long dress is almost like a little black dress, just change the accessories, the shoes and a new look appears, they are super versatile.

The ideal is to opt for pieces that emphasize the waist, as the costume designer explains: “You can bet on models that value this, use V-necklines and looser hems.

Strapless dress is the sensuality that never goes out of style. Dresses are pieces that span decades and mark generations.

Pieces with this tone can be combined with other vibrant colors such as red, orange, pink, purple and green. This type of blue also goes very well with neutral colors like black, white, raw and nudes.

In the color block trend, royal blue is a key color.
The royal blue dress is not a difficult color to match. If you want an elongated effect, choose a sandal that is also blue.

Buy dress online, enjoy discounts and offers from Azazei !!!

14 de dezembro de 2021

Loja Online de Calçados

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Today there is a tip for another store...

The end of the year is coming, time to renew the wardrobe with new clothes and shoes.

Shoes for all styles, 2022 collection you can find in the UP2STEP online store

The shoe has conquered its space in the fashion scene once and for all, from which it no longer intends to leave.

Clear Mules are the hottest footwear model for summer 2022. In fact, they are here to stay.

They are perfect and comfortable and leave the prettiest looks.


   Geometric heels will be the sensation of the season ( among them, the one that stands out is the triangle jump. 

The bold shape appears in mules and sandals, with a touch of modernity that will be successful in summer looks. 


Metallic shoes will also be part of the urban looks of the spring-summer season. During the day or at night, they will light up the productions of women who love fashion. Gold or silver is highlighted, covering sneakers, mules, clogs and clutches. The vibe is to shine at any time of day!

The orange color is one of the most important of the season ( ) 

Feminine and delicate, it's perfect to wear with elegant looks and rock the office look. Bet on orange bags and shoes to go on trend once and for all.

29 de novembro de 2021


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Today I bring a store tip...

Finding an elegant 2022 dress that suits your style is not an easy task.

Nowadays, there is no lack of inspiration and models of wedding dresses. Discover in the online store Customizeone dress models for all occasions.

The mermaid wedding dress is marked by a cut that models the bride's silhouette, starting at the waist and following adjusted on the body to the level of the knees, when it starts an opening in the train, which can be tighter or even looser.

The cut of the mermaid-style wedding dress is the protagonist in itself, that's why the model is perfect in smooth fabrics and without major distractions, highlighting mainly the bride's curves.

Another model that is in high demand is the mermaid wedding dress with sleeves, which adds elegance and a certain mystery to the bride. The mermaid sleeveless wedding dress can be worn with different necklines, such as shoulder-to-shoulder, turtleneck and canoe.

Sexy wedding dresses are an ideal style for those who want to mark the curves of the body, as its cut is very tight, specifically up to the knee.

Dresses are the most practical items in the wardrobe and the variety of models, sizes and materials make them a constant on the catwalks, parties and streets. They never go out of style and appeal to all styles, whether romantic, simple, modern or sophisticated.

cheap prom dresses, dresses longs have been seen in recent years as elegant pieces for formal occasions, but they are much more than that. They just need to be made with the right fabrics to become the basic and comfortable pieces that everyone loves.

30 de setembro de 2021

Pulseira - Rosegal

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Hoje trago recebidos e dica de loja...

Pulseira femeninas, você complementa seu look de forma fácil e rápida.Aposte nesse acessório em suas produções.

Today I bring welcomes and a store tip...

Women's bracelets, you complement your look quickly and easily. Bet on this accessory in your productions.

Chegou essa linda pulseira da loja online Rosegal.

This beautiful bracelet has arrived from the Rosegal online store.

Pulseira bem estilosa na cor rosa.Amei muito linda...

Very stylish bracelet in pink color.

I loved it very beautiful...

Rosegal é uma loja virtual chinesa especializada em moda feminina.Oferece tanto peças estilo retrô e vintage quanto as últimas tendências.

Rosegal is a chinese virtual shop specializing in women´s fashion. It offers both retro and vintage style pieces and the latest trends.


Confira a loja e boas compras:

30 de agosto de 2021

Embelleze - Kit Novex Cicatrização dos Fios

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Hoje trago resenha e dica para os cabelos,Chegou esse kit maravilhoso da Embelleze:

Saudade de exibir um cabelo lindo, né, minha filha?

 Excesso de lavagens, sol, sal, cloro, escova, chapinha, ficar loira ou pintar toda hora? Quem nunca? 

Mas aqui está a solução para socorrer esses cabelos tão agredidos! O Kit Novex Cicatrização dos Fios auxiliará na recuperação profunda e reduzirá a perda rápida e excessiva de água, resultando em cabelos muito mais hidratados, nutridos e reconstruídos.


Oligoelementos - Proveniente de algas vermelhas, potencializam a eficácia da incorporação dos aminoácidos á cutícula, auxiliando no aumento da resistência dos fios.

Lipoporteínas de trigo -Peptídeos contendo os aminoácidos cistina, cisteína, lisina e arginina que formam ligações com as cadeias de queratina. Aumentam a coesão das cutículas dos fios, retendo a hidratação.

Produto Vegano.

Não testados em animais.

Fórmula liberada sem sulfato, sem parabenos, silicone e petrolados.

Shampoo Lava, hidrata, auxilia na recuperação profunda e reduz a perda rápida e excessiva de água.

Condicionador Hidrata, condiciona, nutre, auxilia na recuperação profunda e reduz a perda rápida e excessiva de água, especialmente para cabelos danificados por excesso de lavagens, exposição ao sol, sal, cloro, tratados com escova, chapinha ou pintados.

Creme de Tratamento Ação Hidratante que  nutre profundamente, auxilia na recuperação profunda e reduz a perda rápida e excessiva de água,
especialmente para cabelos danificados por excesso de lavagens, exposição ao sol, sal, cloro, tratados com escova, chapinha ou pintados.

Amei o kit, deixa os fios recuperados e com brilho. Super Aprovado obrigado Embelleze!!!

12 de agosto de 2021


 Olá PinkBelezuras!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

The sneakers can even be worn at work by women who want to dress elegantly, without giving up comfort. They are essential in shoemaking and are on the rise.

Scarpin, sneakers, flat shoes, white sneakers, ankle boots, fashion shoes for women With one of each in the wardrobe, no production will be without the perfect finish.

Who has never built an entire look from a shoe. Or changed the whole look because he wanted to highlight that amazing sandal.

A classic of classics, sneakers are that type of shoe that never goes out of style and easily fits into the routine of many women. Jokers, black sneakers and white sneakers move from summer to winter with the same aplomb, while pointe shoes bring a contemporary touch to the model.

Women's sneakers can't be missing from your closet either. Sports shoes will accompany you in your training, while casual shoes always bring a more modern and relaxed look to your everyday productions.

Sneakers used for everyday life and moments of relaxation. Opt for a modern and personality model to enrich your look such as tall, colorful, studded or shiny models.

Some pairs of shoes are really essential in your shoe rack, especially womens flat shoes.

Far from the role of supporting actors, they can be protagonists of our combinations, be they basic, casual or sophisticated.

At shoessee  you will find several options for women's shoes to feel comfortable and modern. Ensure yours with the best quality!

25 de junho de 2021

Luvas Masculinas

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Today I bring more store tips...

gloves are good options to help protect you from the cold.

If at any time you are in a very cold place, don't think twice and wear men's leather gloves.

It is also valid for those who want to create a modern, alternative rock style. This accessory can be a great differentiator.

There are several models of gloves on the market: leather, wool, crochet, synthetic, with the open cuff, without fingers and much more.

Although they are quite elegant and give a different look to the look.

Dress that matches the cold weather.

best leather gloves adds an extra touch and matches the jacket. Remembering that it is not mandatory to wear a leather male glove of the same color as the jacket.

10 de março de 2021

Gsg online - Luvas Masculinas

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Today I bring more store tips...

If, at any time, you are in a very cold place, do not think twice and wear gloves.Choose the model and material that most appeal to you

With a cuff that guarantees total protection, a strap with a button as a detail and a lining, this glove draws attention because it is made of genuine leather and has an affordable price. It can be found in two colors: black or brown.

In men's fashion we have two types of gloves, the traditional one made of wool also called the knitting glove and the leather one. Both can be used in social or casual style, be it bikers, for the gym and especially for everyday life. You don't have to wait for winter, just get a little cold.

In winter, a good coat or warm knit is essential, but accessories should not be left aside at this time and within this category there is a type of product that is very popular with men, which are leather gloves for men to drive, men's leather driving gloves. 

The advantage of gloves is the neutral colors that most of them have, usually black or brown. This makes it easier to match the clothes. If composed close to the hat, try to keep both the same color.

Although the leather glove for men is synonymous with elegance, the Brazilian winter is not so rigorous as to make you wear it. Usually these models look better on bikers, those who do weight training or those who adopt a rock look.

There is a fashion abroad that is to use gloves in one hand, I don’t know what the purpose of this is, but it looks nice in the costume.

Choose this winter's glove at the gsg gloves online store, a selection of very stylish gloves for men, with a wide variety of styles, including leather gloves !!!