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22 de agosto de 2022


Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today I bring store tip...

Ideal for women looking for the perfect body without a lot of demand and high investment.

One of the feminine items that came back whit everything and soon became a fever among women, especially among the fitness ones, is the modeling belt. A little extra fat here and there.

As important as it is to like yourself and accept the body as it is, there is always something  we would like to disguise at one time or another. whether out of necessity or vanity, the shaping belt can help in this matter, best shapewear for tummy and waist.

The product gained different models that can be used on a daily basis, as an aesthetic accessory, measure reducer or even to help burn fast faster during physical exercises at the gym.


The shaping shorts are ideal for busy days, as the avoid friction between the  thighs, providing a lot of mobility. Bet on this feature to enhance your body.

Super comfortable and with technological fabric to favor curves and help in the slimming  process, tummy control bodysuit.

Your silhouette so you can always fell confident in the bold and provocative look. Wear strapless pieces and fitted dresses without fear. The body  shaper is another option to outline your body and support your breasts leaving them imposing.

These beautiful belts help to reduce unwanted fat. Shapes the waist leaving with beautiful curves.

Lom back shapewear they are comfortable don't mark clothes and helps maintain  posture.

9 de dezembro de 2021

Cinta Modeladora - Waistdear

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Looking for waist trainer manufacturers, take a look at this wonderful tip we've put together for you.Abdominal straps are faithful companions for those who want to slim the waist and improve body posture.

The modeling belt is gaining more and more space in women's daily lives. And it is not for nothing! After all, the piece shapes and thins the waist, in addition to improving body posture.

 Also known as an abdominal brace, the accessory acts directly on localized fat, reducing measurements over time.

Using a styling belt to thin your waist can be an interesting strategy to wear a tight outfit, without having to worry about your belly. However, the brace should not be used every day,

Styling straps can make you look slimmer and more elegant, whether in a tight dress, work clothes or even classic jeans and T-shirt.

The modeling belts are not the same. Each one has its specific function and, consequently, helps in different parts of the body, causing the necessary changes in the image.

Currently, this type of accessory is no longer created just to reduce the size of the silhouettes as much as possible, squeezing all the excesses that users have. Quite the opposite. Over time, it was understood that straps can cause positive impacts simply by smoothing out the fat, without having to be tight in one piece.

If you want to find the best affordable shapewear ideal for your body and comfortable at the same time, look at Waistdear online store.

16 de junho de 2021

Cinta Modeladora - FeelinGirl

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

Unsurprisingly, it's difficult to lose weight, but a strap helps shape where it bothers you the most, because the measures immediately reduce when placed on the body due to the compression of the mesh that works in conjunction with the flexible stainless steel rods, which automatically act as springs adjusting the body's natural curves.

Wear a best waist trainer styling strap to slim the waist can be an interesting strategy to wear a tight outfit, without having to worry about your belly.

 The use of the abdominal brace is especially indicated in case of surgery on the spine or abdominal organs because it will help to heal the cuts in the skin and muscles and prevent the opening of the internal points.

The brace is also particularly indicated after plastic surgery, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, because it will help contain the swelling and fluid retention common in the post-operative period.

After surgery, the brace can even be used for sleeping, and it should be removed only to take a shower, but it should only be used for the time determined by the doctor.

In addition, the use of a brace can also be a good option to increase the well-being of the obese person who is in the process of losing weight. But to feel really good with the new body, it may be recommended to perform plastic surgery to remove excess skin after the person reaches the ideal weight.

The modeling belt, which shapes, molds, reveals curves, adjusts, refines and has been leaving women sculpted in beautiful waists with daily use, is an article that we can say is very old, or rather, medieval, and that has never been dispensed with by the most beautiful female bodies that have ever tried this accessory, and crossing continuous generations and shaping women's waist size without going out of fashion best plus size shapewear.

The Modeling Belt Helps Your Posture: From the very first day of use, the Modeling Belt inhibits the curvature of the spine because it acts on compression and your body is elegantly erect, whether you are sitting, standing, walking or running. At the end of the day, the feeling of disposition is evident in the beneficially elegant new posture.

 The modeling belt transforms your body into a “guitar shape”: It is every woman's dream to lose fat located in the waist, and look in the mirror and notice curves in her body taking on the shape that resembles a guitar.

 o With the passage of time of use, the body assumed the new shape disposed with the compression of the mesh and, for some models, it comes with flexible stainless steel fins.

 the strap that reduces measures must be used with discipline in order to seek the natural shape of your body that you like best.Check out the Waist 

25 de janeiro de 2021

Lightinthebox - Cinta Modeladora

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Hoje trago resenha e dica de loja... 

 Today I bring a review and store tip...

Cinta Modeladora 

Modeling Strap

Chegou essa excelente cinta modeladora da nossa parceira Lightinthebox, não demorou muito por ser loja internacional, com 2 meses chegou.

This excellent modeling strap arrived from our partner Lightinthebox, it didn't take long to be an international store, with 2 months arrived.

Excelente material, escolhi o tamanho xxl 

Excellent material, I chose size XXL

Cinto de emagrecimento feminino

Aumente a sua silhueta com este cinto de alisamento da cintura, o núcleo em neoprene auxilia na perda de peso e na modelagem e da cintura.

Increase your silhouette with this waist straightening belt, the neoprene core helps you lose weight and shape and waist.

Mantém um ajuste justo em volta para obter um efeito de firmeza enquanto você perde peso. Te ajudar a fazer seu treino de forma mais eficiente.

Maintains a tight fit around for a firm effect while you lose weight. Help you do your training more efficiently.



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7 de fevereiro de 2020

Cinta Pala Power - Lingeriebr Atacado

Olá PinkBelezura!!!

Hoje trago dica para a mulherada...

Quem hoje em dia não quer ter uma bela cinturinha?

Cinta Pala Power

Cinta confeccionada em microfibra oferecendo maior sustentação e conforto.

 Peça não possui elástico na cintura na parte da frente.Ideal tanto para o dia a dia.  

Maravilha esconde as gordurinhas, excelente material, super recomendo!!!!

Custa apenas R$25,65

↪Clique no link e boas compras:

Lá vocês encontram diversos produtos da moda íntima para a mulherada, para todos os gostos, tamanhos e com o preço bem acessível!!!!

Toda mulher adora comprar lingerie para se sentir mais poderosa.Além disso, as lingeries são escolhidas para proporcionar conforto.

  Ela é o primeiro item que vestimos e o último que tiramos, portanto, lingerie é essencial para a mulher se sentir plena.Na loja online Lingerie Br vocês encontram sutiãconjuntosmodelador plus size e cueca para os homens e calcinha infantil para a criançada!!!