10 de março de 2021

Gsg online - Luvas Masculinas

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Today I bring more store tips...

If, at any time, you are in a very cold place, do not think twice and wear gloves.Choose the model and material that most appeal to you

With a cuff that guarantees total protection, a strap with a button as a detail and a lining, this glove draws attention because it is made of genuine leather and has an affordable price. It can be found in two colors: black or brown.

In men's fashion we have two types of gloves, the traditional one made of wool also called the knitting glove and the leather one. Both can be used in social or casual style, be it bikers, for the gym and especially for everyday life. You don't have to wait for winter, just get a little cold.

In winter, a good coat or warm knit is essential, but accessories should not be left aside at this time and within this category there is a type of product that is very popular with men, which are leather gloves for men to drive, men's leather driving gloves. 

The advantage of gloves is the neutral colors that most of them have, usually black or brown. This makes it easier to match the clothes. If composed close to the hat, try to keep both the same color.

Although the leather glove for men is synonymous with elegance, the Brazilian winter is not so rigorous as to make you wear it. Usually these models look better on bikers, those who do weight training or those who adopt a rock look.

There is a fashion abroad that is to use gloves in one hand, I don’t know what the purpose of this is, but it looks nice in the costume.

Choose this winter's glove at the gsg gloves online store, a selection of very stylish gloves for men, with a wide variety of styles, including leather gloves !!!

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