Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta noivas2023. Mostrar todas as mensagens
Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta noivas2023. Mostrar todas as mensagens

15 de dezembro de 2022

Vestido de Casamento - Suzhoufashion

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In 2023, the trend is that both wedding styles will continue to happen! On the one hand, with the post-pandemic, we have the definitive return of large, more luxurious weddings with many guests.

The princess wedding dress is characterized by its flared skirt, reminiscent of classic period dresses worn by royalty. The more armed, that is, with more structures under the skirt, the more the model provides the feeling that the bride is really a princess.

Princess wedding dresses are models that never go out of style! They refer to fairy tales and royalty and are the dream of many brides.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses amazing models for all styles. The Classics, Civil, Church, Tail, Long, Short you can find in the online store.

Lace has always been and continues to be the favorite fabric among brides. The delicate, sophisticated and romantic look guarantees the absolute success of the protagonist of the day.

Lace summer wedding dresses can be worked in various types of patterns, and in all models for the wedding.

More modern brides, who wish, above all, to have an authentic and less conventional look, can opt for models of lace wedding dresses that flee from tradition with more geometric and deconstructed shapes and, in contrast to the less voluminous and extravagant cuts , can present lace in original weaves and larger and differentiated patterns.

28 de novembro de 2022

Wedding Dress - Vestido de Noiva

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Your wedding dress may be the most beautiful thing you will ever wear. Brautkleider wedding dress is the attire worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. 

The color, style, and ceremonial importance of the dress may depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants.

Tip for brides: Don't choose your dress too late (3 to 2 months before the wedding) or too far in advance (1 year). The ideal, according to the experts, is to start looking for the wedding dress 8 months in advance of your wedding, so you will have time for adjustments - if necessary.

Chantilly is one of the favorites among women and great stylists, due to its elegance and delicacy

Chantilly lace is the darling of brides. It gets all this attention because it's thin, delicate and has a very soft touch. It's perfect for those light dresses, with transparency and with trim. It usually has floral or arabesque applications.

A model of lace dress for a wedding party guarantees the classic elegance that the occasion calls for, and is, at the same time, a versatile option.

Two dresses are the perfect solution to feel comfortable and amazing both at the ceremony and at the party, when you can dare a little more in sensuality. Besides, how many times in your life can you wear a wedding dress? If you play in the looks!

Mermaid cut dresses are ideal for women with broad shoulders, as they create symmetry with the rest of the body as it is a silhouette-enhancing model. As we have already done with other models of wedding dresses, in this gallery we have selected the most beautiful wedding dresses with a mermaid cut that will make your sensuality the protagonist.

The mermaid wedding dress is marked by a cut that models the bride's silhouette, starting at the waist and continuing snugly to the body.

The mermaid wedding dress is marked by a cut that models the bride's silhouette, starting at the waist and continuing to fit the body to knee height, when it starts an opening at the train, which can be tighter or even looser. of the mermaid-style wedding dress is a star in itself, which is why the model is perfect in plain fabrics and without major distractions, highlighting the bride's curves in particular

Brautkleider Meerjungfrau Another perfect model for a sexy bride is the mermaid wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline. This cut can be combined with V-necks or necklines with details such as embroidery, lace and geometric cuts. But here's the tip, bet on a deep neckline only if you feel comfortable.

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