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20 de maio de 2022

Vestidos Azazei

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!!!

Hoje trago dica de loja...

Today I bring store tip...

Need to go to a dance and don't know what to wear? Stay tuned in this post and check out beautiful and stunning dresses for you to rock.

How to dress to go to a dance?

For garments, more specifically dresses, they can also be short or long. In the case of short dresses, avoid models that are too high above the knee. Betting on glitter is a great way to bring more elegance to the look. However, if in doubt, choose the long option and there will be no errors.

The black dress is perfect to combine with necklaces, laces, chokers and chains. The important thing before using these accessories is to pay attention to the neckline of the little black dress.A great idea is the smaller handbags that help a lot to compose looks for amazing parties and that give a much more elegant look to your basic black dress. Do not hesitate to use bags with a lot of shine and of different shapes and materials such as varnish. The glitter of the bag can enchant any look.

The “pretinho basic” is the key piece for the wardrobe of many women. The long black dress is also on the list and is the right bet to make the feminine look even more elegant.

The one indicated for the prom, usually, is the long prom dresses. And there are many options of colors, styles and trends for a memorable look. Tulle, slits, super detailed dress, glitter, gemstones.

Long dress is almost like a little black dress, just change the accessories, the shoes and a new look appears, they are super versatile.

The ideal is to opt for pieces that emphasize the waist, as the costume designer explains: “You can bet on models that value this, use V-necklines and looser hems.

Strapless dress is the sensuality that never goes out of style. Dresses are pieces that span decades and mark generations.

Pieces with this tone can be combined with other vibrant colors such as red, orange, pink, purple and green. This type of blue also goes very well with neutral colors like black, white, raw and nudes.

In the color block trend, royal blue is a key color.
The royal blue dress is not a difficult color to match. If you want an elongated effect, choose a sandal that is also blue.

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19 de maio de 2022


Olá PinkBelezetes!!!!!

Hoje trago dica de loja...

Today I bring store tip...

Stunning dresses can't be missed in the women's wardrobe. So I selected some tips for choosing your beautiful dress.

It will be difficult to choose just one! More looks with slit dress to inspire you.

Long sparkly dress is a trend that had been announced since last year.

A glittery dress to rock that party or a special ballad, a piece that I love and that will give you a touch of sensuality and glamorous sophistication at the same time.The glow remains in fashion and promises to stay for many seasons.

The side slit ensures extra charm, in a discreet way, to dresses of different sizes. Pay attention to the use of accessories. Choose a short-strap bag, which will not conflict with the composition. This type of slit emphasizes the legs more, so include a pair of shoes that stand out.

 Dresses for petite girls. If you are part of the shorts team, opt for straighter models, without much volume or tail.

When using sparkles on mermaid prom dresses, the same needs to be the center of attention. Therefore, accessories should be more discreet so as not to pollute the production, which can become sticky.

Therefore, the more sparkles a dress has, the fewer the number of accessories used, with the shoe and bag chosen discreet and, preferably, matte.

The sparkle can be discreetly embroidered on the shoulder or collar, making it easier to wear without making a mistake. However, you can also sparkle in an all-over sparkly dress.

This slit dress features its cut as its main feature. This cut is performed in a specific sector of the dress. In this way, it offers a touch of mystery to the woman's style. The location of the cut and its size are decisive for the style of the piece. Its cut is always recognizably seductive.The long dress with a slit can have variations of several sizes, like the dress with a slit at the waist. This dress features undeniable sensuality. In addition, it can still be incremented. The dress can be combined with the strapless.

The slit dress look is powerful and makes the woman feel like the protagonist of any event. So, ready to steal the show?

The slit dress is an essential item of clothing for any woman, just choose the one that best matches your style and your silhouette. 

The material and effect of the shine can be different, from the simplest to the most elegant. It is worth mentioning that the thinner materials are the most suitable for party models.

Various dresses you can find at Azazei Store there are several models for you to rock.