18 de abril de 2023

Acemenswear - Roupa Online

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Invest in exclusive men's suits and stand out for your good taste. Access the Acemenswear Online Store and enjoy special prices.

The most chic and cool is the navy blue suit, which is more elegant for working, going to a wedding or attending a job interview. As for shades of gray, each has its own specifics.

Blue, also called 'joker', is a versatile option for all occasions. The second suit that every man needs to have is gray.


Finally, the most classic of all, the black suit.

More classic men can opt for models in navy blue.

cheap prom suit for those with lighter skin, darker colors like black and navy combine very well. For those with a darker skin tone, suits that are lighter than their skin tone, such as blue or darker gray are great choices. 

But the ideal thing is for the groom to feel good about the chosen color

A perfect option for day and night appointments, the gray suit is considered neutral and, therefore, may be ideal for those who don't wear it often.

Just like the bride, it is important that the groom's wedding suit enhances his happiness and self-esteem.

Wine is a color that works very well with gray, the tie in this color brings a sophisticated look to the gray suit. It is also a color that refers to creativity and awareness. Colors such as red, pink, orange and yellow can bring liveliness to gray.

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