14 de dezembro de 2021

Loja Online de Calçados

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today there is a tip for another store...

The end of the year is coming, time to renew the wardrobe with new clothes and shoes.

Shoes for all styles, 2022 collection you can find in the UP2STEP online store

The shoe has conquered its space in the fashion scene once and for all, from which it no longer intends to leave.

Clear Mules are the hottest footwear model for summer 2022. In fact, they are here to stay.

They are perfect and comfortable and leave the prettiest looks.


   Geometric heels will be the sensation of the season (https://up2step.com/pumps-heel/clear-heels/clear-wedge-heelAnd among them, the one that stands out is the triangle jump. 

The bold shape appears in mules and sandals, with a touch of modernity that will be successful in summer looks. 


Metallic shoes will also be part of the urban looks of the spring-summer season. During the day or at night, they will light up the productions of women who love fashion. Gold or silver is highlighted, covering sneakers, mules, clogs and clutches. The vibe is to shine at any time of day!

The orange color is one of the most important of the season (https://up2step.com/featured/womens-mules/mule-heels ) 

Feminine and delicate, it's perfect to wear with elegant looks and rock the office look. Bet on orange bags and shoes to go on trend once and for all.

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