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24 de janeiro de 2024

Vestidos Elegantes - Ovlias

The time has come to dress elegantly and rock the parties! Chic party dress models that emphasize the female body are perfect to make you even more beautiful and confident.

Check out today's tip, the importance of choosing a dress that is suitable for the person's body type, highlighting their best features and hiding possible imperfections. The cut, fabric and details of the dress also influence the final look. And at the Ovlias online store you will find a wide variety of dresses for all party occasions, buy yours and look beautiful and chic!

For women with curves, the mermaid dress is a great option, as it defines the waist and enhances the shape. For those who want to lengthen their silhouette, a long dress with a side slit is the perfect choice: it creates the illusion of longer legs and is super sophisticated.

Women who have broad shoulders, but want to disguise them, can opt for models with a V-neck, which helps to soften this area. Another option is dresses with different sleeves, such as puffed sleeves, which bring a touch of style and balance the silhouette.

It is very important to consider feeling comfortable and confident when wearing a Prom dresses, as this reflects your posture and attitude during the event.

  Choosing the perfect dress is essential to stand out at a party and feel special.

18 de janeiro de 2024

Vestido - Ballbellas

If you're looking for the perfect wedding dress to rock your wedding, look no further! Here are the best dresses you can find in the Ballbellas store:

Long dress with slit: Nothing better than a dress that is elegant and sexy at the same time. Choose a model with a side slit to add a touch of sensuality to your look.

 Glitter Dress: If you want to stand out on the dance floor, there's nothing better than a sparkly dress. Choose a model with sequins or stones and get ready to shine.

 Short dress with voluminous skirt: If you want a cute and fun look, the short dress with voluminous skirt is the right option. Choose a dress with multiple layers of fabric to create volume and movement.

Wedding dresses, lace is a classic when it comes to party dresses. Choose a model with lace details for a romantic and delicate look.

Now that you know the best special dresses, just choose your favorite and rock it! Don't forget to complement the look with accessories, such as earrings and bracelets. And don't forget to have fun and enjoy the party!

16 de janeiro de 2024


You can find the most elegant dresses to buy this season at the Ballbellas online store. Remember, the perfect dress is the one in which you feel most beautiful and confident. Take advantage of this moment of choice to express your individuality and unique style!

Black dress: Classic and versatile, the black dress is an essential piece in every elegant woman's wardrobe. It matches any occasion and can be easily combined with accessories and shoes.

Dress with pearl details: Pearls are classic and add a sophisticated look to any look. Opt for dresses that have pearl details on the cuffs, collar or waist for an extra touch of elegance.

The long dress is synonymous with elegance and can be worn both in formal events and on more relaxed occasions. Opt for models with a fluid fit and details such as slits or strategic necklines.

The wrap dress is known for its wrap-around cut that emphasizes the waist. In addition to being elegant, it is a comfortable option that flatters all body types.

Silk dress is a luxurious and timeless fabric, perfect for party or special occasion dresses. Choose fluid models with an impeccable fit.

Pleated dresses are super popular this season and the midi dress is perfect for adopting this trend. In addition to being elegant, the pleat adds movement and lightness to the look.

Remember to choose the dress that best suits your style and personality. Bet on quality pieces and invest in accessories to complete the look. Be elegant without losing your authenticity!

13 de dezembro de 2022

Prom dress - Suzhoufashion

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Prom is the stage most awaited by all graduates, after so much dedication to their studies, what all students want is a party.

Prom is that dreamy, desired moment that deserves a stunning dress. When it comes to prom, long dresses are always the most popular options, especially when it comes to prom.

Buy dress online, enjoy Suzhoufashion discounts and offers. Shop safely, without leaving the comfort of your home.

The ideal for mothers is to focus on elegance and refinement, preferring to highlight the nobility of fabrics, cut and accessories. A more mature and imperative look will set you apart from your daughter and guests, highlighting your role as a mother on this occasion.

Some colors are classic for prom dresses. Betting on colors that harmonize with skin tone is always good. 

Light/pink skin: Wearing colors like pink, beige, blue and violet are great options. More vibrant tones such as red, coral or turquoise can also be used.

 For the garments, more specifically the dresses, they can also be short or long.

Betting on brightness is a great device to bring more elegance to the look. However, if you are in doubt, choose the long option and there will be no errors.

It's important that you test the movements you usually do during parties. Ensure that all these movements are performed without any discomfort.

Dresses are pieces of women's clothing that never go out of style and are constantly evolving over the years.

As this type of party is usually at night, the trainee can opt for a long prom dresses with a variety of details according to her own style.

4 de julho de 2022

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!!

Check out this store tip...

Party dress is an incomparable look.whwther the dress, short midi, or long, we always take special care when it comes to an important event. After all, every woman wants to make her when she wears a party dress.

It is timeless, versatile, feminine and very sophisticated, and can be used on any occasion, whether for work, for a night occasion or even for everyday life. In addition, the heel gives an elegant look to the look.

In everyday life you can use glitter and combine it with a more neutral color piece like white, black, nude and gray these colors are perfect.

The black dress is perfect to combine with necklaces, laces, chokers and chains. The important thing before using these accessories is to pay attention to the neckline of the little black dress.

A piece that has been very successful in color is the emerald green dress. Graduates, godmothers and event guests have been betting on the precious jewel color to shine with powerful productions. In everyday life, dresses have also stood out in casual looks.

When it comes to graduation parties, long dresses are always the most sought after options, especially when it comes to prom. As this type of party is usually at night, the trainee can opt for a long dress with a variety of details according to her own style. In the shop you will find dresses for all tastes.

Green dress combines with golden accessories, silver (shiny), and of course a combination of these tones with green stones.

To choose the right emerald green dress for formal events, it is important to consider the style of the party. Fine sport, formal and gala events call for different outfits.

Find your perfect Prom Dress among thousands of Prom Dreses .

Also known as bic blue or klein blue, royal blue is one of those colors that, despite being flashy, never go out of style. Even more in the warmer seasons, the tone always reappears in the most diverse pieces of the wardrobe. There's no way to resist the freshness and tranquility of a royal blue dress that reminds you of days at the sea.

Because the dress is a unique piece, the color takes over the look. And that's very good, as it suits all skin tones and dresses for all occasions.

The most popular among the tight options are the bandage model and the tubes, in addition to the options with transparencies, which are stunning. This traditional piece is also very successful among the trainees.

15 de janeiro de 2021

Berrylook - Loja Online

 Olá PinkBezetes!!!

Hoje trago mais dica de loja...

Today I bring more store tips...

Compre roupas baratas para mulheres sem sair de casa, melhores looks e ótimos preços é na loja online Berrylook.

Buy cheap clothes for women without leaving home, best looks and great prices is in the online store Berrylook.

A peça coringa entre as mulheres que não pode faltar no guarda roupa feminino são os vestidos.

 The joker among women that can not be missing in the female wardrobe are the dresses.

Na escolha aquele bom e belo vestido preto não pode faltar.

In choosing that good and beautiful black dress cannot be missing.

A estampa floral traz o ar romântico e deixa o look surpreendente.

The floral print brings the romantic air and leaves the look surprising.

Confira vários vestido maxi baratos de diversos tamanhos e modelos.

Check out several cheap maxi dresses of different sizes and models.

8 de abril de 2020

10 Cheap Fitted Long Prom Dresses

( Cheap Fitted Long Prom Dresses )
Every girl wants to look stunning on the special prom night. Have you found the right prom gown? The most popular styles are classic, so I'm sure the following 10 cheap fitted long prom dresses 2020 will be helpful. Select your prom gown based on your skin tone and body shape. Hope all girls will find the dresses for prom near me that'll offer an eye-catching look.

1. Sparkle & Shine Mermaid Burgundy Fitted Long Dresses for Prom

Sparkle & Shine Mermaid Burgundy Fitted Long Dresses for Prom

Rise & Shine - Baby girl, it's your time to rise and shine!!! We've got the prom dresses sequin, the shimmer, and the shine!

2. Sexy V Neck Burgundy Fitted Long Prom Dresses

Sexy V Neck Burgundy Fitted Long Prom Dresses

The low back with lace up shapes the dress to your body for an hourglass finish

3. Elegant Off The Shoulder Fitted Long Formal Dress with Slit

Elegant Off The Shoulder Fitted Long Formal Dress with Slit

EMERALD.. It is mysterious, precious, & luxurious. Be rare & unique in one of our Mermaid emerald dresses

4. Mermaid Open Back Royal Blue Fitted Long Prom Dress

Mermaid Open Back Royal Blue Fitted Long Prom Dress

If you're trying to find that simple, elegant, and timeless dress, but you still want to feel glamorous and luxurious from, then our CLASSICS are made for you! High quality combined with timeless colours, silhouettes and a perfect fit

5. Elegant Mermaid Royal Blue Fitted Long Evening Dresses

Elegant Mermaid Royal Blue Fitted Long Evening Dresses

Simple and modern this special neckline combined with a silhouette that elongates and holds the body, hugging to every curve!

6. Mermaid Off The Shoulder Dark Navy Fitted Long Formal Dresses

Mermaid Off The Shoulder Dark Navy Fitted Long Formal Dresses

Navy blue prom dress with Off shoulder,There's always something unique at MillyBridal

7. Sexy Mermaid Fitted Long Dresses for Prom with Slit

Sexy Mermaid Fitted Long Dresses for Prom with Slit

Get ready to wow the crowd in this chic long mermaid dress. It features a fitted silhouette with a side slit.

8. Sexy V Neck Champagne Fitted Long Formal Dress

Sexy V Neck Champagne Fitted Long Formal Dress

This silk-like satin mermaid dress will exude the charm of sophistication and elegance. The plunging V neckline will also make you look sexy.

9. Sexy Mermaid Fitted Long Dresses for Prom with Slit

Sexy Mermaid Fitted Long Dresses for Prom with Slit

A mermaid prom dress is always among the most gorgeous curve-hugging dresses. A great choice for girls to show off beautiful bustline and waistline.

10. Mermaid V Neck Daffodil Fitted Long Dresses for Prom

Mermaid V Neck Daffodil Fitted Long Dresses for Prom

Ready to wow everyone in a daffodil mermaid prom dress. Thin straps grace your shoulders.

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14 de novembro de 2019

Newarrivaldress - Vestido de Baile

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

formatura pode até estar ainda um pouquinho longe, mas já está na hora de começar a pensar no seu vestido.

Graduation may be a little far away, but it's time to start thinking about your dress.

Na loja Newarrivaldress compre vários modelos de vestidos de formatura, madrinha, festa.

At Newarrivaldress shop buy various models of prom dresses, bridesmaid, party.

Qual mulher nunca sonhou com a noite de formatura? 

O momento de comemorar a conquista de um diploma, ao lado de familiares e amigos, merece tudo o que há de melhor, a começar pelo vestido de formatura.

Which woman never dreamed of graduation night?

The time to celebrate a diploma, along with family and friends, deserves all the best, starting with the prom dress.

Mas nem sempre é fácil escolher um modelo que realmente seja adequado ao biótipo da formanda ou da convidada, que tenha tudo a ver com a ocasião e que também fique em sincronia com todo o look. 

But it's not always easy to choose a model that really fits the trainee or guest biotype, that has everything to do with the occasion, and that is also in sync with the whole look.

De nada adianta um vestido para formatura caro ou com modelo exclusivo, se ele não tiver tudo a ver com o seu tipo de corpo. As mulheres precisam observar os pontos fortes e fracos do próprio biótipo e saber que todas as partes do corpo precisam estar em equilíbrio. 

An expensive prom dress or exclusive model is no use if it is not all about your body type. Women need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of the biotype itself and know that all parts of the body need to be in balance.

Você com certeza já deve ter notado que existe uma imensa variedade de modelos e principalmente de cores de vestido para formatura. A escolha da cor ou da tonalidade também não podem ser ao acaso. Muito pelo contrário, é preciso optar somente pelos tons que possam realçar a sua cor de pele.

You may have noticed by now that there is a huge variety of designs and especially from prom dress colors. The choice of color or shade cannot be random either. Quite the contrary, you need to choose only those tones that can enhance your skin color.

Mulheres de pele clara precisam de vestidos de baile vermelhos, cores escuros (preto; azul marinho; vermelho sangue; marrom; cinza; verde bordô; entre outros).

 As formandas ou convidadas de pele escura devem escolher os vestidos com tons claros (nudeamarelolaranjadourado; rosé; gelo e mais). 

Esse jogo de cores e tonalidades garante um look destacado e muito elegante.

Light-skinned women need red prom dresses, dark colors (black; navy blue; blood red; brown; gray; burgundy green; among others).

Graduates or dark-skinned guests should choose light-colored dresses (nude; yellow; orange; gold; rosé; ice and more).

This game of colors and shades guarantees a detached and very elegant look.