17 de setembro de 2021

Modeladores - Feelingirldress

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Hoje trago dica de loja...

Today I bring a store tip...

To choose the ideal styler the most important thing is to try it out and make sure it fits perfectly. The right model is one that models without squeezing. Choose the piece based on the body you have today and not the one you want to have. A light compression of the belly and back is advisable.

The modeling belt has been used for many years in order to delineate the silhouette.

wholesale waist trainers with logo, styling bodice to enhance the waist and lap. The styling bodices cover the entire torso, are beautiful and comfortable. It is ideal for enhancing the waist.

They are not only amazing and special pieces, the modelers are powerful lingerie items, capable of thinner waist, abdomen, firm breasts and hips, defined legs and back, among other benefits.

There are no rules or obligations to adopt one of these pieces, but it is important to know that modeling lingerie is an ally that can help us feel more secure, powerful and comfortable inside that wonderful dress, with tight jeans or any occasion.

The bodysuit is the most complete piece you'll find, it can be like a swimsuit or a jumpsuit with legs to the knees. It may or may not have a bulge and rim, in addition to having varied necklines on the back. Reducing the abdomen, shaping the breasts, making the back more even and enhancing the curves are some of its benefits. The styling body has the advantage of creating a more harmonious look, providing a feeling of security and firmness.

The body replaces other styling pieces, creating a well-shaped base for any type of clothing, from the tightest to the fluid and lightweight. Like the t-shirt, it can also be used as a normal bodysuit in place of a top or blouse.

Versatile, the strap can be worn with any type of clothing as it doesn't prevent you from wearing your favorite bra and panties. On a day-to-day basis or at a party, it will make your silhouette firm and slimmer, whether with tight, waisted blouses or dresses.

best body shaper that hide the belly, straps that thin the waist and help with body posture.

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