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14 de setembro de 2022

How to find the best website to buy your makeup cosmetics online?

 Olá PinkBelezetes!!!!

Today there's a store tip...

Women with makeup are considered more powerful.

A recent study showed that the better the makeup and the more attractive the face, the faster people around them see the woman as a good professional. And this not only from the point of view of men, but also of other women.

Makeup promotes self-esteem helping to elevate self-love · A perfectly smooth skin, without wrinkles, blemishes or imperfections.

Find many varieties of makeup at wholesale cosmetics store

As they are more dense products, the brush helps to take the right amount and make the application precise. The duo fiber brush (which you will get to know more about now) also makes a smoother application of the concealer, being ideal for more liquid products.

Blending, depositing, outlining. There are many possible actions when putting on makeup and knowing which brush to use to get the result.

Prefer versatile palettes, which have shadows with various finishes (matte, metallic, satin) and that can be used both dry and wet.

Know that some brands offer the chance to assemble the case on the spot.

The palettes she brings makeup for face, eyes and lips, with colors that match each other. You can do a work, club, weekend look… You can give it your special touch and take it wherever you want, without extra weight in the bag or volume, and without the risk of forgetting something.

A great national option is anastasia eyeshadow palette, which offers palettes with different contents at great cost-benefit.

7 de março de 2018

Zaful - Pincel Peixe p/ Maquiagem

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Já viram a nova tendencia de pincéis de peixe ?  Eles estão fazendo o maior sucesso nas redes sociais.
Ever seen the new trend of fish brushes? They are making the most successful social networks.

Escolhi o rose gold e olhem como ele é lindo:
I chose the rose gold and look how beautiful it is:

Cambered Hair Mermaid Shape Facial Makeup Brush - Rosa 

Pincel p/ Maquiagem Peixe
Indicado para aplicar e distribuir base, pó, blush e iluminador em todas as áreas da face.
Feita com cerdas sintéticas especiais que permitem uma aplicação suave e uma maquiagem uniforme.

Makeup Brush Fish

Indicated to apply and distribute base, powder, blush and illuminator on all areas of the face.

Made with special synthetic bristles that allow a smooth application and a uniform makeup.

Tem como não amar um pincel desse? Muito fofo.
Can not you love a brush like that? Very cute.

Link do Pincel → Clique aqui

 Brush Link Click here