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22 de dezembro de 2022

Vestidos de Noiva - Babyonlinewholesale

 Olá Pinkbelezetes!!!

Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most important moments of the wedding preparations, and certainly the choice most loved by brides!

The modern wedding dress, unlike the traditional one, can be creative, different and full of personality.

 Everything a bride could want for her big day! If you want a themed party, for example, like Vintage, the dress can take on many different shapes... and even match accessories and shoes that could never be part of the bride's look under other circumstances.

The wedding dress is the favorite detail to choose from, and perhaps it is the main concern of brides, after all, this will be the outfit used on the most important day of your life!

White wedding dress although white is associated with purity, innocence and even chastity, it is believed that the origin of the tradition of wearing white on the wedding day is related to other cultural factors, such as the marriage of three queens and the ceremony of coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte.

A wedding dress cannot lack colors, transparencies, movement, romanticism and a lot of glamor were not lacking on the catwalks, for brides of all styles. There are many models that inspire us to find the wedding dress of our dreams.

New in wedding dresses you can find in the Babyonlinewholesale online store, take advantage of the discounts and offers!!!

11 de agosto de 2021

Vestidos de Noiva - Loja Ever Pretty

Olá PinkBelezuras!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

Wedding dresses are the object of desire of every woman who dreams of marriage.

Mermaid-cut dresses are ideal for women with broad shoulders, as they create symmetry with the rest of the body as it is a silhouette-enhancing model.We selected the most beautiful wedding dresses with a mermaid cut that will make your sensuality the protagonist, valuing your curves:

The mermaid wedding dress is marked by a cut that models the bride's silhouette, starting at the waist and following adjusted on the body to the level of the knees, when it starts an opening in the train, which can be tight or even looser.

The cut of the mermaid style wedding dress is the protagonist in itself, so the model is perfect in smooth fabrics and without major distractions, highlighting mainly the bride's curves.

mermaid wedding dresses highlights the silhouette and has passionate models for different styles.

As already mentioned, the shoulder-to-shoulder mermaid wedding dress is perfect on models with long sleeves, but also with short sleeves, such as the wedding dress with puffy sleeves, present in several collections of the main bridal brands in the world.

If what you want is to feel sexy and ooze sensuality, bet on a strapless mermaid wedding dress. That's because this model highlights your curves and shoulders, creating a perfect symmetry.

Another perfect model for a sexy bride is the mermaid wedding dress with a low back. This cut can be combined with U-necks or necklines with details such as embroidery, lace and geometric cuts. But the tip is, bet on a deep neckline only if you feel comfortable.

The best bride look can be Ever Pretty Dresses the most elegant you will wear in life, browse the website and find the ideal model.

5 de dezembro de 2017

Unha Acrigel

Ola PinkBelezetes!!!

Ganhei o sorteio no instagram da querida @sannajtmakeup, hoje recebi o prêmio, unhas feitas, Unhas Acrigel pela querida @raianaaraujo , Obrigada lindonas😘😘

Minhas unhas Acrigel para o meu casamento...

Se seu objetivo é ter unhas grandinhas, uma técnica que vem sendo bastante utilizada nos salões de belezas são as unhas de Acrigel

O seu procedimento é bastante simples, a técnica é um tanto demorada para ser feita. Mais o resultado final, são unhas bonitas e resistentes. Ela é uma ótima sugestão para quem não consegue ter unhas compridas ou pra quem deseja arrasar, com unhas poderosas em alguma festa ou evento. 

As unhas de acrigel são bastante resistentes e ficam muito bonitas quando um bom profissional faz as unhas.

13 de outubro de 2017

New Chic: Capa de Almofada Brilhante

Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

 As almofadas são imbatíveis para renovar a decoração e são uma boa pedida para grande parte dos ambientes da casa.

E para dar um up no meu sófa, coloquei as capas de almofadas brilhante.

The cushions are unbeatable to renew the decor and are a good request for most of the environments of the house.

And to give one up on my couch, I put the shiny pillow cases.

Elas vem só a capa, não vem com enchimento.
They come only with the cover, it does not come with filler.

Quem me conhece sabe que eu amo brilho, então na minha sala não poderia faltar.😂😂

Who knows me knows that I love glow, so in my room could not miss.

Elas são ideais para decorar o ambiente e deixar o sofá mais confortável.

They are ideal for decorating the environment and making the sofa more comfortable.

Essas almofadas elegantes vocês encontram na loja New Chic, lá tem diversos modelos de almofadas para sofá , almofadas para poltronas e  almofadas decorativas.

These stylish cushions you find in the New Chic store, there are several models of sofa cushions, armchair cushions and decorative cushions.

Link da capa ➥Clique Aqui
Cover Link ➥Click Here