13 de maio de 2021


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Hoje tem dica importante para a nossa saúde...

Today there is an important tip for our health...

o squeeze são muito importante para a nossa hidratação diária. Fazer exercício, normalmente, significa suar muito a camisa, ou seja, perder líquidos, principalmente quando está calor. Por isso, é sempre necessário ter à mão meia garrafa de água para se manter hidratado.

squeeze is very important for our daily hydration. Exercising usually means sweating your shirt a lot, that is, losing fluids, especially when it's hot. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a half gal water bottle on hand to stay hydrated.

For you to have an idea, our body loses about 50 ml of water per hour when we are at rest. However, an hour of physical activity such as swimming or running can increase this loss to approximately 1,250 ml in the same interval, since it is through perspiration that the body maintains its internal temperature stable.

On very hot days, the ambient temperature increases perspiration even more, which can result in a loss of up to 6 liters of water in case of great physical effort.

However, this "cooling" mechanism is interrupted when there is a loss of 4% to 5% of the volume of body water, which results in internal overheating, apathy and difficulty in reasoning.

Beber água é fundamental para manter a disposição, render mais nos treinos e até mesmo perder peso.

Drinking water is essential to maintain your disposition, yield more in training and even lose weight.

No verão, a hidratação se torna super necessária, já que a perda de líquido do corpo é maior. Em qualquer época do ano, consumir água faz bem.

In summer, hydration becomes super necessary, since the loss of fluid from the body is greater. At any time of the year, drinking water is good.

A água é um elemento fundamental no transporte e distribuição de vitaminas, minerais, glicose, oxigênio e outros nutrientes para as células. Como o corpo não produz água, ela precisa ser reposta para que o organismo funcione regularmente, processo chamado de hidratação.

Water is a fundamental element in the transport and distribution of vitamins, minerals, glucose, oxygen and other nutrients to the cells. As the body does not produce water, it needs to be replenished so that the body functions regularly, a process called hydration.

Tenha uma garrafa de água durante o trânsito.Uma vez que muitos de nós passamos um bom número de horas no trânsito, indo e voltando do trabalho, ter uma garrafa de água à mão garante que você nunca fique sedento enquanto estiver andando pela cidade, especialmente quando está calor.

Have a bottle of water during transit. Since many of us spend a good number of hours in traffic, commuting to and from work, having a water bottle on hand ensures that you never get thirsty while walking around the city, especially When it's hot.

Tenha sempre água por perto é sempre uma boa ideia manter uma garrafa de água na sua mesa de trabalho ou em sua mochila. Você vai beber um pouco mais se não tiver que levantar sempre para beber água.

Keep water close at hand It is always a good idea to keep a bottle of water on your desk or in your backpack. You will drink a little more if you don't always have to get up to drink water.

The reduction in the transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells caused by dehydration can have immediate effects on our energy level. When the blood becomes more dense due to lack of water, there is a loss in cell exchanges, that is, in the mechanisms that allow cells to eliminate waste and absorb the necessary substances.

As a result, signs such as tiredness, loss of concentration and difficulty in thinking appear, which hinder the performance of everyday tasks. In addition, the impairment in cell exchanges is directly responsible for the reduction in performance in physical activities, leading to early fatigue.

By keeping the body well hydrated, however, both the brain and the muscles can perform their functions satisfactorily, making them more willing to study and work and guaranteeing more vigor and resistance during training.

Now that you know more about the importance of hydration for your health, try to keep your bottle always at your side and consume about 2.5 liters of water per day to enjoy all these benefits.

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