25 de dezembro de 2022

Bridelily - Vestido de Noiva Manga Comprida

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The wedding dress with long sleeves is usually chosen by those looking for a classic wedding.

The long-sleeved wedding dress is a classic and, even though Brazil is a tropical country, there are no restrictions on its use in different seasons of the year, that is, you can wear a long-sleeved wedding dress even if your wedding whether in summer or spring.

The wedding dress with long sleeves is becoming an increasingly popular option among Brazilians. The reason for this popularity lies in two major factors.

First, the weather. The look is ideal for protecting the arms in ceremonies that take place in the mid-season, which usually have cold and hot weather in a single day. The second point is that the outfit is among the favorites of royal brides.

There are no rules. Any bride can wear sleeves  as long as it matches her style.

The golden tip to get the model right is to think about how the dress will be built for your biotype. It is necessary to try and, preferably, listen to the opinion of a good professional who will present long sleeve modeling options suitable for the dress and you.

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