8 de setembro de 2022

How to find your best quince dress for the sweet 16 party?

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Every girl dreams of having her dream dress.Debutante dresses can be found on the market in different values, from the most luxurious to the simplest.

Royal blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, security and royalty. However, because it is an intense color, it is necessary to use it wisely, avoiding excesses. That's because royal blue when used without planning can create colder and more impersonal environments.

The blue debutante dress is among the most sought after by debuts. It is impossible to deny that the color is beautiful and suits all girls, with different styles and personalities.

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The blue palette is immense, and you can use any of them, just choose according to your style and the mood of the party. Light blue, for example, is related to everything that is delicate and romantic (very princess).Royal blue is more modern and vibrant, perfect for those who like to draw attention with their beauty.

The light blue debutante dress, or serenity, is the most sought after by debuts who love princess models, puff skirts and details such as flower applications and embroidery.

The brightness is released in this model, both in the short (reception and ballad) and in the waltz. And be careful with applications in other colors, make sure they embellish with the light and delicate color of blue.

the model according to the theme of the party, don't be afraid to dare or wear fancy dresses.

Well, think of dresses as your transition from girl to woman. After all, that's what the party is all about. Therefore, each model must convey its characteristics in different ways.

One of the favorite colors among debutantes, Green: Green means hope and the beginning of a new phase.

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