21 de outubro de 2020


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Today more store tip...

Check out the best women's clothing at the Holapick online store

The women's shirt has already become an indispensable item in the women's wardrobe and is the most suitable piece to compose the work look, since it has straight and classic cuts. The combination with tailoring pieces is the most suitable for those who want an elegant look. Combine with jeans.

In the coldest seasons, the solution is to combine shirts with sweaters, blazers, top online  and thicker jackets. But regardless of the season, some tricks and ways of using the women's shirt can increase your production. Putting the shirt under a sweater and leaving the collar showing, for example, is a cute detail that makes all the difference in the final result of the look.

Today the women's shirt is versatile and appears in several models, pleasing all styles. Made of cotton, chiffon, satin, denim shirts and other materials, the shirts have gained prominence in women's looks.

The models made in different fabrics can very well be used in restaurants, shopping malls and even in parks. The secret to a modern look is to break the seriousness of the shirt with stripped pieces and casual outwear.

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