10 de agosto de 2022

Acemenswear - Ternos

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Another important factor to buy the ideal suit is the buttoning. There are two types of them, the simple one, which has one, two and three buttons, and the double ones, in which the buttons are side by side and not in a row. There is no rule as to the best model for different styles. The best will be what you feel best.

At Acemenswear store you can find suits for all styles.

The black suit is the most classic of all. A fundamental piece in any man's wardrobe.

Of these three options, the most chic and cool is the navy blue suit, which is more elegant for work, going to a wedding or attending a job interview.

Lighter wedding suit add a romantic touch to the look, such as rosé, perfect for daytime wear, baby blue and gray.

The Italian suit has a more daring style, leaving the shoulders wide and the waist thin, accompanying the most accurate pants. The flapless pocket contributes to the lean silhouette.

If the groom chooses to wear a light suit, it is important to talk to his groomsmen so that their suit follows similar tones. This will make your marriage much more harmonious. Another important tip is that, when choosing a light suit, it is advisable to use more modern and fitted cuts.

For darker skin tones, I always recommend a suit that is lighter than the skin tone, such as darker gray and even blue tones. For lighter skin, I recommend darker colors, such as black and navy.

Prom suit the ideal is to use light colors, which match the environment, with natural lighting. The ideal shades are gray, beige, sand, baby blue.

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