12 de julho de 2021

Fioretto - Luvas Femininas


Olá PinkBelezetes!!!

Today I bring more store tips...

Gloves are indispensable accessories of the moment!

For more classic women, traditional options like women's leather gloves are always welcome.

Among the fashionistas' favorite options are gloves with vibrant models, which bring a point of color and joy to the productions. Whether they have powerful colors reaching neon, after all, why not? Or with varied prints, ranging from the typical stripes and polka dots to the animal print that, as always, is dominating the streets.

They bring the necessary boldness to street style productions in a refined and traditional way.

It's come that time of year when you feel like your fingers are going to fall off anytime it's so cold outside. We really understand you, and we have a very stylish solution to this problem: Leather hand gloves.

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